Sloppy Rainy Day At The Off Grid Homestead But Much Accomplished

Saturday some friends from my church came all the way from Canada to help out for the day on the homestead. First we walked the perimeter of the property so I could show them my plans and ideas for the future.

Next we started working on spring cleanup of the garden area. While two guys worked on pulling out the garden stakes and deer netting I cut and split some fire wood. Another friend repaired my old wheel barrow which had a bad wheel. The wheel frame was split and rubbed on the frame of the wheel barrow so it would not turn.

Later the two garden helpers took down all the electric fencing and posts so I can start running new fencing around the whole meadow. This will keep deer and small animals out of the meadow as well as remove ticks. The chickens will have free run around the garden fence so they will keep weeds and ticks out. Any ticks that may enter the meadow will be gobbled up by the chickens.

The electric fence will have three wires. One down low to prevent raccoon attacks. One in the middle to keep smaller animals from jumping in. The third will run around the top of the fence to keep deer out.

This setup seemed to work well last year and the deer never entered my garden. My chickens also slept in peace at night due to the lack of predator attacks. The fence kept the raccoons out of the fenced in area.

I built a greenhouse that I had laying around. When my old one was demolished, someone helped me get a new one at TSC that was on sale.

The greenhouse was dirt cheap and is a walk in two sided greenhouse with 8 shelves. I hope to get started on planting this week.

When the wheel barrow was repaired my friend built a pallet shed for my dual alternator DC generator. I plan to set it up permanently outside the RV inside its own housing to protect it from the weather. It will be connected to the RV and can charge up the batteries during long periods of cloudy days like I am going through right now. I am on day 4 of no sunlight at all and the batteries are down to 12.0 volts. That is very bad.

It is also currently calm with no wind at all which means so wind power at this time.

I cleaned up a lot more of the junk which got tossed around the meadow by the last wind storm and sorted it all out.

When the fencing was all down the guys cleaned out the raised bed gardens to prepare for new planting.

Overall it was a very productive day and we got a lot of work done.

Thank you very much guys for all the help. Thanks for coming all the way down here to help out 🙂

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