Start Junk Hauling Business Part 04 Insurance

How I raised myself from 0 income to ,000 per month

From 2001-2006 I was a real estate sales professional. I was doing conventional real estate transactions representing buyer and sellers. Everyone and his brother in law was in real estate and we were all doing well.

2005-06 the real estate doomsday was in the news. There were articles in the newspaper and the news was everywhere, the top economists in the country were say there was a real estate bubble.

The bubble busted and we were in a recession. Everything in real estate went bad. Everyone was getting laid off: Real Estate Agents, Loans Agents, Title Officers, and Escrow Officers.

I went 6 months with no income. I was very painful to see my wife leave to work in the morning while I stayed home with nothing to do, and no income.

I was offered a territory to clean up bank owned property. I immediately accepted the job. I just wanted to bring in a check to the family.

When I started the junk hauling business. I started with no equipment, no dump truck, no dollies, no wheel barrels, no trashcans, etc.

I slowly build the business up, and bought my own truck.

If you own a junk hauling business, you must have:
General liability insurance. If you damage something on the property, you are covered. It gives you peace of mind. It is well worth it, because one lawsuit can cost up to ,000 – ,000 in legal fees, on top of the settlement. It will me mostly legal fee. I have a 2 million insurance policy
You have to have workmen’s compensation for your employees.
You have to have coverage for your automobile if you own a dump truck.

For more information on starting your own junk hauling business see website

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