Steven T – naktaco Diss (version 1) Club Mix

Disclaimer: “Steven T is in no way associated with this page and I have merely used his audio tracks to create these satirical videos.”

From 2008/2009. Steven T’s response to Nak’s Kick In The Door song, which was a diss song to him. The feud is still going on.

Courtesy of Real Ricepickin’ Records.

you are my fan
don’t deny it, you love my style
stop rapping, this aint 8 Mile
stay off ya hat, and remove ya shit, I did
this is the beginning, shit
just stop talking junk
you can’t stop my funk
drink crunk

I’mma do this rap, I’mma go to Canada strapped
you probably fapped, butter contact
stop playing Counter Strike
stop falling off your bike

I’mma kill these guys
stop telling lies
my advice
we flew high, but my nigga tought this was 8 Mile
so he started rappin
so what the fuck happened
fucking emo boy
fucker Roy
making fake videos
please stop
nigga you ain’t even that buff
being racist against Vincunt
she’s a fucking runt
but Nak betrayed me by being anti black
I’mma give your girlfriend an ass smack
my style is so wack
nigga it’s too late
this video, please rate
escargo, my car go
i got a sick flow
i love this dough
I recorded i got a sick flow
i be kicking the rock
i don’t give a fuck
wether you like lobsters and shit like that
fuck your friend Matt
I gotta say, he’s mad gay
even for you
you’re gonna cry? boohoo!

you don’t do kung fu
start your video,
I’m unsubbing muthafucka
fuck all the Canadian shit
I hear you cry a bit
are you stoned or shit
I’mma kill you in Counter Strike
push you off your bike
got reported on this site/trife
I’mma cut off your ball sack
nice rack
you have got two honeys?
well I got over 9000 honeys and money
this goes out to Nak
I’ll be back
okay, record that
shoot your jet pack off
my style is so wild, you like that Chad Warden stuff
fuck you Nakytaco,
I’mma leave you with a bottle of tabacco

Nak you fucking weirdo
why don’t you go play with a dildo
talking about the Twilight sucking
nigga remember the Edward sucking
the movie was a piece of shit
I just had to make a bash video, I did it (I did it)
leave the Iranian guy alone,
he was probably stoned
fuck you stupid ass gook bag, fucking fag
you talk about how Jonas Brothers suck dick but you as gay as them
you ain’t even got the Chad Warden impression right, damn!