Subaru Legacy RSK B4 vs. Canadian Mountains

SONG NAME: Vasper – Unfold Her


Driving through Banff / Canmore, Alberta Canada In February. Just getting random shots.

I bought this Subaru back in October 2016 from a Car Dealer in Tokyo, Japan. Guy PROMISED me it was excellent condition. NEVER BELIEVE Car Dealers lol (with 13 years experience with dealerships/body shops, I should have know better haha). But it’s okay, it tuned out nice. I completed all of the paperwork needed to import it into Canada. It arrived in Vancouver at a port in late December, then got shipped to my house in January 2017. I’ve wanted a Subaru Legacy RSK B4 ever since I saw one guy rip past me on day in his RSK. After that day, I was set on getting one. I spent 2 months looking for one that didn’t look like every other B4 in town. I wanted one that was unique and had a different body kit on it than every other B4 in Canada. After searching for a while, I stumbled across the one in this video. I loved the colour combo and body kit. It was in rough shape when I got it but I didn’t mind rolling up my sleeves to get it back into shape. The whole project took 4 weeks to complete. I had a blast with good friends. Car is sold now. Defiantly going to miss this car. It went to a good home though 🙂 Special thanks to Jakub S @yycgarage & Brad Stake!
Great times with good friends. It was a pleasure boys! Had so much fun. Can’t wait for the next one!

Subaru Legacy RSK B4 AWD BE5
Production Date: Dec. 2001
EJ20 R Engine, 2.0L 4Cyl Boxer 2 Stage Twin Turbo
280hp / 248ft lbs

Work Completed:
Oil Change
New Air Filter
Coolant Flush
Wheel Alignment
New Spark Plugs
Both Valve Cover Gaskets Replaced
Brand New All Season Tires
Replaced Brakes
Car Had 3 Stage Power Polish
Installed RARE JDM RSK Splitters on Front Bumper
Reconditioned Subaru 17″ inch Wheels
Replaced all 3 Windshield Wipers
Replaced all blown Fuses, Bulbs etc
Replaced Windshield Sprayers (old sprayers did not work well)
Replaced ALL 4 Speakers (they were all blown and rattling)
Car has USB / AUX Output Installed
Car has 6000K OEM HID Headlights with matching 6000k Fog Lights
Has Bilstein Suspension

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