T-Mobile Bad / blacklist IMEI Cleaning fix for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG

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You can buy our service from link below , it takes 1-3 days to clean your IMEI ( mostly 24 hours)


This service will clean your T-Mobile Blacklisted / Blocked device due to non payment or lost/stolen status

Conditions that Apply :

In some cases, if the imei is marked as Fraud in T-Mobile’s database then the imei is rejected and we cant clean (Full refund in that case)

All financed IMEIs will remain financed.

We only clean the IMEI and not the account status, so any debt and/or contractual obligations with T-Mobile will NOT change.

No refund for wrong imei or carrier , When the phone is cleaned you will be notified by email.

Once in process, this service cannot be canceled or refunded.


Possible outcomes after cleaning the phone:

Your device is ready for use and is paid off after cleaning. [WORK DONE ready for Use on the T-Mobile Network] Your device is clean but financed so you must unlock and use for other carriers to avoid a re-block.
Your device was listed as “fraud” on T-Mobile’s side. [REFUNDABLE] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please Insert your 15 digit IMEI in the box provided during checkout.

Here are some ways of finding your phone’s IMEI number

Open your dialer and type *#06# and your IMEI will pop up
Open the settings menu and it will be under About Device
Check the original box that came with the device
If your phone has a removal battery, check under it
For Apple Iphone devices, check the device’s back cover