The Canadian Silver Saver Road to 1000 Subscribers Silver Giveaway Begins!

The Canadian Silver Saver Road to 1000 Subscribers Silver Giveaway Begins!

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Welcome to the Canadian Silver Saver channel.

A channel made a Canadian to help understand silver & gold investing in the Great white north!
We will talk about Coins, bars, bullion, sterling silver, jewelry, 90%, junk and more.

Everybody is welcome from our friends to the south with your beautiful Silver Eagles to our friends in Australia and your stunning Kookaburras.
A great place to get together and discuss your silver and gold.
I will have videos about but not limited to… What to buy, History reviews, Interviews, How I got started, some basics for beginners and info for the pros. We will also discuss safe purchasing, how to test your silver, where you can get it and more.

Designed for Canadians but perfect for everybody who’s interested in silver and gold. I will be uploading at least twice a week.

We start each week with Silver Hunt Sunday.
Here I show you what I purchased throughout the week. Online, garage sales, Antique markets etc. later in the week we will feature a video on some history, unboxings, unpackings, company reviews, interviews, prepping, and more.
We will also discuss safe purchasing, how to test your silver, where you can get it and show of the stack a bit. 😉

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This is a friendly channel offering information and a community to connect with to discuss your stacking.
Any decisions made about your personal investments, purchases with either gains or losses are solely yours the viewer. I hold no liability for the result of your decisions. In turn I have no legal right to claim on any gains you the viewer may make by benefiting from the video or comment information.
However, please feel free to share the wealth with me if you are feeling generous eh.

Please remember to Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe. It helps tremendously in getting the videos out there.

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