The Dash Show – Junk Mail

The DASH Show episode about Junk Mail


Discussion points:
– Defining Junk Mail: unaddressed pieced of mail or unsolicited advertising inserts in newspapers.
– Direct Marketing keeps people employed and generates business.
– Large quantities of junk mail are dropped in the waste bins, not all of it is recyclable.. add the impact of the colours, chemicals..
– A lot of fresh water is used in the process of recycling.
– Follow the money to find out – Canada Post has a large chunk of it’s revenue generated from distributing junk mail.
– On the other hand, Canadians care about the environment.
– How can we get Direct Marketing go all green – ideas, spam??
– Why is our government (actually all levels of it) still protecting this dirty business?
– Paul Bies, from Mistique.Ca agrees that junk mail (according to the definition above) should be banned.
– Ray Glowa from GreenAgeMedia urges us to do something about it.

Solutions suggested:
– Ban Junk Mail – everyone agrees.
– Place a RED DOT in your mailbox and talk to your mailman – no junk please (does not work in condos)

Have Your Say! Vote and Comment on the OPC website issues:
– Banning Junk Mail:
– Recycling Programs:
– Packaging Tax:
– Watch Documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

Show Host: Craig Fey; Guests: Evgeny, Nela

Panel: Ray Glowa, GreenAgeMedia; Paul Bies, (Direct Marketing firm rep)