Waste Management Garbage Trucks

Here’s a compilation showing every single truck I’ve filmed from Waste Management. After compiling this video, I’ve come to realize that Waste Management really does own and operate a much more diverse fleet than we often give them credit for! Below, I’ve assembled a convenient list of each truck that appears in this video, along with it’s corresponding timestamp. If you wish to see a full-length video of any of these trucks, with a couple exceptions, a simple search of my channel for the chassis/body combo as it appears below will turn up the corresponding video/videos. As always, thanks for watching!

00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Autocar ACX/Labrie Automizer
00:37 – Peterbilt 310/Stagg MSL
01:17 – Mack MR/Wittke Starlight
01:36 – Volvo WXLL/Kann Co-Collector (WMX)
02:30 – Volvo WXLL/Dempster Recycle One
03:40 – WhiteGMC WX64/Amrep Octagonal ASL
04:00 – Peterbilt 320/Labrie Cool-Hand
04:37 – Volvo WXLL/Wittke Starlight/The Curotto-Can II
05:05 – International 4900/Wittke Burro
05:50 – Volvo WXLL/Wittke Express
07:12 – WhiteGMC WX64/Amrep Octagonal ASL (G.I. Rubbish)
07:47 – Freightliner Condor/McNeilus Autoreach
08:10 – Peterbilt 320/Wittke Starlight/Perkins Carry Can
09:47 – Volvo WX64/Amrep Octagonal ASL (w/ Peterbilt grille)
10:07 – FWD MF42-3321/WMS Heil POD
11:11 – Freightliner Condor/McNeilus M/A
11:30 – Mack LE/Wittke Crocodile
11:49 – Freightliner COE/Leach 2RII (USA Waste)
12:09 – Volvo WXLL/Amrep Octagonal ASL
12:31 – Peterbilt 320/Labrie Automizer
12:54 – Freightliner Condor/Wittke Starlight/The Curotto-Can II
13:06 – Mack LE/Amrep Octagonal ASL
13:20 – Volvo WXLL/Labrie Top Select
14:02 – Mack LE/McNeilus AFE
14:56 – Peterbilt 320/Leach Curbtender
15:37 – Freightliner Condor/Dempster Recycle One

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