WeatherTech Front Floor Liners Review – 2015 Ford Escape –

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WeatherTech Front Floor Mats – Black

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Today, on our 2015 Ford Escape, we’re going to review and install the WeatherTech custom-fit front Cargo Liners, part number WT444591, black in color. This application is also available in tan, part number WT454591, or grey, part number WT464591. To begin our install, we’re going to go ahead and remove the old or manufactured floor mat and we’ll take note that there’s no coverage here for the driver’s foot rest. We already have some build-up here on the foot rest and, with no coverage, we know that dirt’s going to end up down here onto our carpeting. Now, we’re ready to install the new WeatherTech FloorLiner. We’ll go ahead and slide it into position. It’s got the design attachment points to connect to the manufacture’s hold-on points. With it in place, we can see here we have the coverage for the driver’s foot rest, so any dirt and debris that would have fallen off the foot rest and down onto our carpeting, is now contained on to our FloorLiner. Here we get an idea of the shape and co…