Wicked Aussie Trash N Treasure, Dumpster Diving & Scrap Metal Roadtrip with Wild Warrior Bill – Pt 1

Wicked Aussie Trash N Treasure, Dumpster Diving & Scrap Metal Roadtrip with Wild Warrior Bill – Pt 2

Farm Clearing Sale – 1971 Chrysler Valiant RT Charger – Only 7000 Miles – Deceased Est

Mr Bains 1971 Mad Max Era Valiant Charger Auction – 7000km’s on the Clock – Dumbleyung

Valiant Charger roars to ,500

Reclusive farmer leaves m and his Farm to the Shire of Dumbleyung | The West Australian

AFL Footy Player – Ross Ditchburn – Wikipedia
Ross Ditchburn (born 18 March 1957) is a former Australian rules footballer in the Western Australian National Football League and the Victorian Football

AFL Footy Player – Ricky Mott – Wikipedia
Ricky Mott (born 21 April 1981) is a former Australian rules footballer in the Australian Football League. Originally from country Western Australia,

Reptillian Rescue – Blue Tongue Lizard Stuck in Bitumen Tar – Part 1

Successful Removal of Melted Road Tar off Reptiles – Bobtail – Use Olive Oil!

It simply amazes me the Historical things that people throw out at my local area rubbish dumps

100 Year Old Piano – Aussie Rubbish Dump Rescue

Rubbish Dump Find – Historical Pioneer Farming Photos from Dumbleyung, Western Australia

My Trash and Treasure Rubbish Dump Roadtrips

Preview – What’s in the old Mystery Farm Toolboxes? – Rubbish Dump Find

Sneak Preview – Rubbish Dump Treasure – Found Silver Jewellery Box & Coin Stash in Old Rusty Tin

Wild Bills 6 Year Million Dollar Scrap Collection Preview – Trespassers Will Be Shot!… Seriously!

One of My Best Trash & Treasure Rubbish Dump Roadtrips – Antique CB Radios – Free Drugs etc

Rubbish Dump – Trash & Treasure, Picking, Thrift, Antique, Art Deco to Retro, Flea Market, Iron, Rustic, Blacksmith, 1800’s to 2000’s Finds

Scrapping Metal & Scrap Metal Road Trips with Wild Bill

Billy’s Scrap Metal Roadtrips

Scrap Metal Thieves Caught Red Handed – Scout Guard Trail Camera

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Metal Detecting with Wild Warrior Billhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhyT97-KaZ_3zh_VzPRtAvZpRKDjhG4os

My Favourite Metal Detecting Finds

Scrap Metal Tips

Metal Detecting Tips

Antique Bottle Digging – Western Australia

Sifting for Relics, Coins & Treasure