winch, mounted to a seat, easily lifts a bunch of junk

Watch as this minivan lifts strange and bizarre objects by using ingenuity and extreme measures.

In this video you will see the winch set-up, as well as a bunch of stuff tied to the back of my van. Tied to the back of this van, is the old plow from last Year, I have since removed some key parts from the old plow and put the rest aside until further needs arise.
The old wheel will be staying, the rest of the stuff at the back was simply used to test the winch.
I took apart one of the old bench seats from this van, then I mounted a steel plate and a thick piece of plywood to it. I then bolted the winch mount to the steel plate/plywood base.
The whole unit comes out of the van as would a regular seat, I can also place in forward or rear position ( I chose the forward position to keep the winch away from the snow coming in from rear latch, while plowing in bad weather.

The winch is a 3000lbs unit that I picked-up (new) for at Canadian tire…
The upcoming videos will show you how I took a 45 gallon oil drum and built a snowplow with it.

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So much better than using a shovel and keeping the snow far from the house also helps in flood prevention (see video of Winter thaw flooding to our basement for reference),
really Never want to see that happen again, (and that was due to having too much snow too close to the house).

Here it is the “45 gallon snowplow” took two-thirds of a 45 gallon oil drum, and other various parts from in and around the barn (including some parts cannibalized from the old plow), and did minimal modifications to the green van (removed plastic bumper cover). And it work great… also have a 3000lbs winch mounted to a car seat frame (inside the van). We are getting close to feeling ready for Winter this Year
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Voici le lien pour le video de ma charrue, j’ai une serie qui montre touts les aspects, ainsi que quelques videos du tout en action.
Ce video vous amene faire un tour au fonds de la cours, pour pousser un peu de neige. Bonne ride et excusez-moi pour la camera branlante…
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Ce serait vraiment bien de voir ce video devenir “viral” et faire le tour du monde, pour montrer a tout le monde que parfois, la solution a nos problemes est plus pres que nous le pensions, n’ayez pas peur de chercher une solution dans tout et partout, ce n’est pas toujours necessaire d’allez acheter tout en Chine ou ailleurs, recycler, reutiliser, repenser et re-imaginer…
Moi, je suis “Dan by the Sea” et je n’ai pas peur d’essayer de trouver uns solution a petit budget, quoi que ce soit le probleme, Il se trouve qu’ici, en Gaspesie, le plus gros probleme est la neige… donc je me concentre sur la neige. je crois que, pour moins de 0 (treuil inclus), c’est pas trop pire comme outil pour combattre la neige.

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