Windshield Removal – WRD Spider

Windshield removal of a 2009 VW Jetta front panel.

Tools Used in the Video:

The WRD Spider 002S – Auto Glass Panel Removal System.

– Cordless drill operated fiber line removal device.
– Performs safe, clean and effortless auto glass removal.
– Used in auto glass service shops and automotive repair shops across the world.
– Provides the safest removal of wind-shields, back and side glass panels.
– Lightweight construction, small and low profile.

The WRD Spider Line, a Specialized High Strength Cutting Fiber Line.

– Used to effectively cut through the urethane.
– Technician safety is top priority.
– Soft and easy to handle line eliminates from potential injury.
– Anti-scratch properties eliminates the vehicle damage hazard.
– Optimized line construction for great cutting ability.
– Abrasion resistance coating offers great re-usability.
– Pre-marked lengths help save time and reduce waste of unnecessary line.

Simple, clean and safe auto glass removal for every technician.

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