Wranglerstar Goes To Canada

Meet us in Vancouver BC Canada Save On Meats
43 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G4

Congrats to: Alex hickey Hi Cody my name is Alex, i saw this video and was rely interested in your invention. I love the idea to make a brass one, but i agree if this is treated well it would last a life time. me and my uncle are starting a landscaping business and i do the felling and removal of tree’s were as he works on more of the yard aspect. as of late i have the issue with finding a good angle on my axes. it’s imperative that i get these jobs done adequately, and with my options for sharpening it’s difficult, i could find a million and a half uses for something like this. I’m more than happy to just leave a comment saying great video but if there is a chance i could win this why not post =). i’m an avid fan of your channel and just enjoy watching these, as always keep up the good work i look forward to the next installment, thanks and have a great day.

Please go on over and thank June Kim for making this possible https://www.youtube.com/user/kimjune01

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